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I am not The Wolverine anymore!

No. You're Grizzly Logan, the Mutant from the Mountains, complete with your faithful ursine friend.. Well. For a short while. Spoilers.

That was - not bad. Better than Origins, but that's not that hard. Not - outstanding either. I mean one Jean Grey cameo could have been cute, this much - time for a ghostbuster, bub. The plot was a little too complicated for my taste only to end up at a pretty predictable place. Viper had a cool look, but I'm pretty sure that character has way more potential... I like her taste in clothes, though......

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All in all I liked the characters, the action was good (far less bad CGI than Origins) and even the slightly - ridiculous scenes like the train were - acceptable. I take some of that as comic relief.

In the end - are we really going to send Wolverine into Days of Future past without an adamantium cover over his claws? Or is Magneto going to put some of it back on?

Oh, right - post credit sequence... Hadn't we known Professor X has to be alive by now, it would have been really surprising. ;) But at least we got a first time frame now for DofP... And I wonder if any of them thought of their first meeting during this one... :)


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