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I am posting this here because I hate Valley Wag

Here is a link to a comment left over on ValleyWAG on this article here.

I just want to reiterate one point that the people on that site don't seem to get and I want to inform my fellow Odeckers who are much more open minded about something regarding Google Glass.


There is a light on the device that comes on when it is recording and/or taking a picture.

When someone is recording and/or taking a picture a mirror image is visible in the display.

So to summarize, when someone is recording video or taking a picture with Google Glass a tiny noticeable light comes on on the side of the device AND you can actually see what they're recording/photographing in the display itself, albeit reversed.

Please, guys/gals, if you don't know something about technology, or anything in general to be honest, feel free to ask questions or get informed on it. But for the love of everything, don't restate things that someone said someone told them that they overheard someone else say. It only serves to further spread ignorance. And if it's technology related it might eventually cause me to snap and tear into you. And I am an incredibly patient and calm person, so don't make me do that. : )


UPDATE! The amount of people who read my comment on ValleyWag and replied basically with "fuck you, Glasshole" (or some lame variation thereof) was quite high and not at all surprising.

On the bright side, a handful of Glass users and non-Google haters chimed in to basically say "thank you" for pointing out what I did and rightfully, in my opinion, calling out ValleyWag and the people who usually comment there on their shit talking.


Another handful of people chimed in asking legitimate Glass questions and were happy with my responses to them.

Or to put things in meme form...


Here's some info most people don't know about me. Insulting me does nothing to me. I don't even shrug it off. It literally doesn't affect me or bother me. It does, however, let me know that I'm pushing a few buttons (and doing a helluva job of it too). And I will never not be the same person I was at the age of five. "Don't push that button, Georgie."

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