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I am proof that every change will anger someone.

Last night, I did a little custom sprite work for the first time in years and years, for a project I'm considering working on. Like six years ago, I was actually decent (not the best, but decent), and I could make pretty solid sprite sheets using nothing but MS Paint.

WHAT IS THIS? They've changed Paint... They've changed it too much. Seriously, I know that just about no one uses MS Paint, but I knew that program in and out, and this new version... MS Paint was already really feature bare, and they seem to have stripped down even more. And now the transparency feature doesn't even work, so it's absolutely useless for the purposes I want it for.


Today, I am the guy who is angry about changes to an out of date program which no one uses. It doesn't feel great. I guess I need to figure out a different program to use for this...

What do people use now, anyway? Free, I mean.

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