The good folks at Shout!Factory have released The Best of Fridays, a selection of 16 episodes from the 1980-82 comedy variety show broadcast by ABC as a rival to NBC's Saturday Night Live. I've always been curious about this show, since it was where Larry David and Michael Richards got their start, and because of the infamous (but fake) Andy Kaufman temper tantrum that ended with the comedian storming off the set. Also, the musical guests, which include the Clash, Devo, Tom Petty, KISS, and Graham Parker, are really impressive (though some sets appear to have been cut for time/clearance rights).

Thing is, I've never seen an episode (AFAIK it was never syndicated or released on video), and I've heard from a number of people over the years that the main reason the show was cancelled after a couple of years was because it stank. I'm fascinated by this period in pop culture and comedy history (particularly sketch comedy shows), so if any of you guys who were able to stay up late enough to watch the program back in the day would let me know if it's worth the $30, I'd really appreciate your valuable consumer advice.