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I Am Suddenly Incredibly Interested in Reading an Inhumans Comic

As some of you may know, Marvel has been pushing the Inhumans comics for the past several years. They had some success with Ms. Marvel, but its connection to the larger Inhumans saga was tangential at best, and the main Inhumans books (Uncanny Inhumans and All-New Inhumans) have never enjoyed that much popularity or sales. And with the recent launch of ResurrXion and a ton of new X-Men comics, it might seem like Marvel might consider putting the Inhumans on the sidelines for the moment.

Except it turns out that ResurrXion (still a stupid name) is a relaunch for both mutants and Inhumans and the first of a new Inhuman line has been announced today: Royals by Al Ewing and JonBoy Meyers.

Not the Lorde song.

The IGN article divulges what the plot will be about: the Inhuman Royal Family (including Medusa, Black Bolt, and Crystal) and others (like, uh, Marvel Boy) will be traveling into outer space, to the ruins of the Kree Homeworld and beyond in order to find the origins of Terrigenesis.

“It’s not the first time the Royals have been to space, admittedly, but I promise they’ve never been this far out before. I wanted to create a myth from the future, a quest to find answers and meaning in the face of extinction,” Ewing told us in an email interview. “In some ways, this is similar to my run on [Loki: Agent of Asgard], the thing that’ll let me explore ideas of myth and metaphor, that’ll allow me to play around on a grand tapestry. And the further out I get, the bigger I can go. I want to take this book to a place where Marvel-Earth — the Marvel Galaxy — isn’t even a speck in the sky.”

While at first, you might not seem that interested in another Inhumans book, let me try to explain why this book will be different and exciting: Al Ewing.

Over the past few years, I have read a lot of books by Al Ewing. And they have all been awesome, from the intricately plotted and metafictional Loki: Agent of Asgard to the sweet comic book awesomesauce that was New Avengers, Ewing manages to make me like characters that I never liked before. He manages to dredge up old bits of continuity that turn into big plot points or remember things that other writers have forgotten.


I’m not sure if this means that Charles Soule will be writing another book taking place on Earth (perhaps called NuHumans?), but I am very glad that Al Ewing is writing this book, because it is making me really interested in reading about the Inhumans.

Also, Ewing writes an awesomely snarky Karnak, similar to Warren Ellis.

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