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The Royal Shakespeare Company has taken to Buzzfeed of all places to remind people that some of the finest actors of today started their careers on the stage in RSC productions. Included are some of the RSC archive's own pictures of past productions, such as this majestic as hell picture of Ian McKellen as Romeo, circa 1976.

The listicle features a whole host of awesome actors with a history of genre goodness, clad in Shakespearian garb (or even stranger stuff) from across the last 50 years of RSC productions. There's David Tennant as Touchstone in a 1996 production of As You Like It:


Patrick Stewart - with hair! - in 1981 for The Winters Tale:

And the amazing Judi Dench as Twelfth Night's Viola in 1969:


Much more at the linky-doodle.

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