What famous person do you irrationally like or dislike? You know, sometimes there's a small thing and it overshadows the fact that they go around paying off the debts of entire Third World countries, they just have this tic, and you twitch when you hear their name. Or you like them so much you ignore that they would kidnap a leper and mail them to your Aunt Jane. Who's that for you?

If they did do/have/are something trivial that inspires this out of proportion reaction, please share. Judgement free zone. I mean, we all do it. We do, right? Please don't call the men in white coats...

ANYWAY. Viggo Mortensen bugs the fuck out of me. It's his earnestness and commitment to his role in movies I adore. For some reason the anecdotes about carrying his sword and buying his horse really irritate me. I GOT NOTHING.

And I forgive Donald Glover for everything. Worst case, we can talk it out. CALL ME.


I don't know what it is about Eva Mendes, but she needs to get out of my movies.


And I totes know Rosario Dawson and I could be friends. The bar hopping could be ludicrous.

Maybe Melissa McCarthy could join us!