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Because I was confused about whether I'd replied to my post or to the comment on my post (I showed up in my notifications, and that's never made sense before, but in the new layout I'm even more confused by it) I went to play around with replies to one of my posts.

And stuff was weird. I realised I can't use command+V to paste into these windows (I can right mouse click and select paste from the menu, though), and that selecting text was wonky—if I tried to select the single paragraph starting from the end and moving to the beginning, the text in the page below was also selected.

Also, I did the following: open reply window, click on italic button, type sentence, hit enter twice, and somehow it unitalicised the first word of the post:

....and I just tried twice to upload that image right here, and both times it inserted it at the start of the post instead. Is inline going away? Let me try inserting an image from the web:

Nope, that's at the start too. But surely if I just paste the URL, it would appear here: 


We shall see.

How am I supposed to know if italics or bold is on? The button isn't changing appearance. Also, right now when I try and select either of them so I can keep typing in either bold or italics, it puts my cursor back at the start of the article.


I'll test this on different browsers later, but this is currently OS X 10.7.5, Opera 12.14, the red-headed stepchild of the web.

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