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I Don't Like Batman (Why Do You?)

There, I said it. I don't get what the big deal is, I never have.

I get it. He's an average, bajillionaire with a cool car, a cave, a sexy lady archfrenemy and Alfred. He's a ladies man in real life. I'll bite and say that I like Bruce Wayne. I like his banter with Selina Kyle. I guess I understand why one might want to be him, in theory. But personality-wise, Batman without Robin bores me to tears. I don't mind the Nolan revamp of Batman, I guess. I don't know if I consider him exactly the same pointy-eared dude that reoccurs in the comics and even TV shows.


I don't really have time to start new series' right now, but yesterday I tried out the Justice League series' anyways. I then realized Batman really irritates me. It's not just their version, it's just...overall. I don't get the appeal, I think he's "overhyped." In efforts to make this a short post, I will not expand on my theoretical analyses of Batman. In general, I don't really like Byronic heroes, I find them to be on the whiny side. (Unless you are Angel, the King of Brood)

Classic Superman isn't exactly my favourite guy but the 1939 dailies crack me up none the less. Maybe because I grew up in a pro-Superman household?

(I have no idea when this one is from, but it's always on tumblr)

Batman wasn't a big deal around these parts. I did, and do love the women of gotham, Robin/Nightwing. (My favourite thing about Batman might just be that he's surrounded by so many awesome, grey area women.) Just like I don't understand the love for Batman, I don't understand the hate for Nightwing.


I usually like those "do not understand humour" type of characters. I suppose maybe more so when they are positioned as the "straight man"? Which might also be why I like Batman more with Robin, to sort of humanize him.


I can't be the only one, right?

So yes, I do not like Batman. Why do you? I honestly want to know.

And now a series of questions to satisfy my curiosity. Do you like Batman? Why? What version of Batman is your favourite? Do you think Batman is less or more of a douche with [any version of] Robin around?


Sidenote, who do you think is the Johnny Bravo of superheroes?

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