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I Don't Want To Alarm You Guys, But Die Hard is Pretty Good

Continuing my ongoing efforts to see all the movies which everyone in the world has seen except me, a list which is still unfortunately quite large, I watched Die Hard for the first time yesterday afternoon! Apparently the way to get me to want to watch your movie is to release a much, much lower quality sequel/prequel many years later, first with Prometheus and Alien, now with Die Hard 5 and Die Hard. Huh.

Back to the point though, I don't want to scare anyone with my alarming worldview, but Die Hard is a pretty good movie! A great movie, even. Excellent action scenes, likable characters, a good plot which lends itself to a ton of explosions... Everything an action movie needs!

I find it really hard to think that there was ever a time when Bruce Willis wasn't considered an action star. I was born half a decade after this movie was released, so he's always had that persona in popular culture, as long as I've been alive. I don't know if you guys know this, but he's pretty great at it, too. When watching this, you don't think "Wow, he's ok here but he still needed to work on being thought of as a legitimate action star," you think "OH MY GOD HE JUST SHOT THOSE GUYS THATS SO AWESOME!"


This image is just here to see if I can post two images in one post now! Yay!

The movie holds up incredibly well, too. The only thing which is kind of odd in hindsight, and mind you this is always odd in movies released pre-2001, is when they're talking about terrorism. Questions like "If they're terrorists, what are their demands" aren't really the first thing popping into your head when you hear terrorists have taken over a building in a film (or God forbid, real life) today. Or at last, not mine. And of course it's always funny to see the early days of computers being treated magically, when I have a computer hundreds of times more powerful than what they're using in my pocket.

Of course, those aren't even really complaints. The movie is really good. I really liked it. ...Onward to the Die Hard sequels? I'm not really sure whether those are any good, but I guess I'll find out?

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