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I feel a bit disgruntled for Hugh Jackman/Wolverine.

I just finished watching the lastest solo outing for Mr. Grumpypants and well... frankly, the Wolverine franchise is more than a bit of a joke to me now, at least scriptwise.

Your mileage may vary but for me, Hugh Jackman is as perfect a bit of casting as anything Marvel has done but goddamn if they keep coming up with stories for Wolverine that, while entertaining enough, are just plain idiotic.


I've enjoyed watching Wolverine in every outing. Never really felt my money was 'wasted' but I have NEVER left a Wolverine movie wanting to run back to the front desk to buy another ticket. Capn' America, Thor, Iron Man? All of these gave me the urge. We actually did for Avengers. Totally dead inside for Wolverine.

It just leaves me feeling a bit upset on Hugh behalf (even though he's clearly doing well enough out of it all). In interviews, he amazing professional yet totally human and eminently watchable. He's totally on my list of celebs I would be immensely cool to having a couple of pints with.

Somebody get this guy some Joss Whedon or something... hell, get someone who maybe spent a couple of hours in Joss's mere presence. Simply sharing his airspace at some point has gotta increase your writing abilities to the point where you can string two scenes together with violating some 'natural' law or plain common sense.

My theory is the Wolverine writers start and stop with the 'Rule of Cool' but guys...enough already..

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