Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I feel bad for laughing my butt off at 22 Jump Street.

It is just stupid humor. Lots of "lets laugh at how mismatched these two are" type of stuff, along with the usual crude humor and foul language. But damn it all if I wasn't laughing just as hard as the dudebros and even having trouble breathing at a moment or two.

I actually forget that Channing Tatum can be hilarious. He is solely responsible for hands down the funniest scene in the movie.


This movie also has the absolute best credits ever.

It does get a little tiring when they constantly make jokes about how things are so similar to the first movie or making meta jokes about how much they spent on making this one. I counted 23 jokes like that. I was so tempted just to leave out one instance and believe it was intentionally 22.

I probably won't buy it once it comes out on DVD, but I can see it as a rental one boring night.

Also, before people jump down my throat, I'm going to rent the first movie and then see How to Train Your Dragon 2 tomorrow. It just so happens that actual people wanted me to go see this with them. That happens so rarely.

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