Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I feel half naked.

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In case you are wondering, this NOT me. But I rather looked like this today, except in black, and with a shirt over it and old shoes that didn't match anything else I was wearing. Anyway, I'm totally covered, but I wasn't wearing jeans. I am almost always wearing jeans. Unless it is a special dress up thing or I'm in costume, I am just rarely leaving the house not wearing jeans. I had no pockets, and I don't like purses, so I didn't have any of my stuff. No money, no keys, etc....


The thing was this morning I went to this thrift store that so far as I can tell doesn't have a dressing room. You can get great deals on odd things, but you can't tell if it fits without just putting it on right there in the aisle. So, spandex is required, just in case.

I don't go to this place much, but it is October, so I've had to look a couple of times. Besides no place to try things on, there's just not enough room for anything in general, I have trouble getting around the other customers, and there's usually a long line when I get ready to leave. But, we had the day off on a Thursday when they put out new stuff, so I went. Didn't even buy that much, only stayed about an hour, only tried on like half a dozen things, and I'm still tired.


My husband bought a lot of stuff, so it wasn't like a wasted trip or anything.

Speaking of half naked, I bought (but have not tried on yet) a flesh colored unitard. I don't need it at the moment, but I just had to buy it, right?

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