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"I felt a great disturbance in the Force..."

I actually wrote a rather lengthy post about getting the best smartphone bang for your buck. I worked on it last night and was just about to post it. Then I read the news (on numerous sites) that Google was rumored to be selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. That rumor has now been officially confirmed.


I'm going to have to give this some serious thought and potentially do a rewrite regarding my no longer going to be posted post. I wrote at length about numerous reasons for why the phones I mentioned were seriously worth buying and why you were getting a great bang for your buck. But I also am pretty up to date on numerous tech companies and while I would never hesitate to buy a Lenovo laptop (I'm writing this on my Lenovo Yoga11s), I've seen their handful of phone offerings and come away beyond unimpressed. ("Kill it with fire!" would be a more accurate description of my feelings regarding their smartphone offerings up until now.)

I will do a write-up tonight after reflecting and doing some more research. Expect a post tomorrow, potentially Friday.

Just FYI, there were four phones on my "these are the ones you should buy" post/list. Two were Nexus ones, the other two were Motorola ones. Between today's news and the other rumor that came out of nowhere this week, the certainty of those phones being truly worth buying (for reasons that now may be potentially rendered moot) has come into question. A week ago, I'd have had speculation backed up with observable proof (up to that point) for why they would be good long term investments. Everything from Monday to today though has now put some serious doubt on the longevity of those phones. (Even for a tinkerer like myself.)

I would also like to say I'm probably to blame for the developments. I just ordered a custom designed (by me) Moto X yesterday to replace my aging (but still sweet) Nexus 4. I potentially killed two great things by buying one to replace another. Lol. Goddamnit, Luna!

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