JLM is goddamn awesome. Lucy has some game and a couple of nice moments but up until the past couple of episodes, she's been pretty bland.

Do Precinct Captains always get called to crime scenes so often? Seeing Aiden Quinn is kinda cool (dude got old!) but i dont recall any other procedural with such a ...visible... captain.

The stories so far has been very enjoyable and pretty fresh and unique. Its nice to watch episodes and still be...surprised is the wrong word... satisfied, perhaps? Not-insulted?

So i'm 12 episodes in and 'M' has made an appearance.

Obviously, the first thing you think of is Moriarty and i've gotta say, the idea of Vinnie Jones playing Moriarty was just so damn delicious, I practically clapped with approval.


I mean, we've have sooo many actors play amazing Moriarty's over the years but all of them give that 'classical' urbane menace to him, even if their levels of 'insanity' vary from person to person.

But to see some who has, as rule, played a 'bruiser', bringing nothing but muscle and violence to his role, I thought is was a bold choice and i was hoping to see yet anohter unique take on the role.


Now, after finishing the episode, i am a little heartbroken. Dont get me wrong, i'm not a Vinnie Jones groupie (even though I do like watching the bloke) but it was just the idea was great; that Moriarty was this hyper intelligent muscle, kinda like the comic-book Bane, i suppose... not smart suits, no cane or smooth dulcet tones...just a hulking brick capable of horrific violence and the most subtle of plot...

I'm really loving Elementary so far though, I might even go so far to say more than Sherlock... *ducks*