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I Finally Have My New Laptop!!! Gif party and Tech Advise

I have my new baby!!! After months of struggles, pain, crying and working, I finally have it. I had to ask my favorite aunt for the last bit that I needed but it's mine!!

I have named it Dax (After the Star Trek symbiont) since all of Wash's files and stuff are on it. The idea of calling my new one Wash too felt icky, you know?


No more fighting people for the computer, no more punching nephews for hovering over my shoulders, no more needing to leave my room or put on pants to internet!!!! Yeah, I said it! I be in my PJs while I surf. I don't care.

I'm currently personalizing it and I realized that my sound quality kinda sucks. Yes, I know I sound like a spoiled brat but it's true!! Does anyone know of a good app that I can use? It's a windows 8 (Super new and fancy!) so feel free to advise.

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