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I Finished My Halloween Costume!

This year I decided to be Toothless the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 2, but because I didn't think I had the time/money/skill to pull off a realistic dragon costume, I started with an inexpensive black hoodie and added dragon parts to it. It's a dragon hoodie!

Yes, I am fully prepared to go out on Halloween and have people say, "What are you, some kind of bat?"


I'm most proud of the tail, which turned out really well. I had to create patterns for the tail, fins, spikes, wings and ears.

I painted the skull design on the red fin using white acrylic paint. I had to do about 3-4 coats in order for the white paint to be opaque on such dark fabric.


I couldn't take a full-body picture on my own, but here's what the top part looks like on me.


I was able to machine sew the spikes and the wings to the hoodie, but I hand-stitched the tail and ears to the hoodie.

The whole project took me half of The Simpsons S3 + Captain America: Winter Soldier + MST3K: Samson vs. The Vampire Women + The Addams Family hours to complete, however long that is.

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