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I got into Defiance MMO beta

(it's a game tie-in to the new syfy show)

I prefer singleplayer games, and I haven't really played any MMOs, so I soloed through my 3.5 hour session. I came into the game knowing almost nothing about the plot of the game itself (although I know what the show is about), or the gameplay and mechanics.

So far, the game is pretty meh.

The players are members of a semi-government, semi-mercenary group calling themselves ark hunters. The area you have access to is pretty big (I think). Early on you get access to an ATV-type vehicle, which speeds up travel nicely, and I spotted other players in bigger vehicles.


The gameplay involves lots and lots of shooting. You fight mutated humans and "hellbugs". There is no cover system, so when you try to duck behind something, you mostly can't shoot, and if your're not behind cover, enemies have the tendency to swarm you.

I'm not sure if you can die in the game. If you lose you shields and health, you get incapacitated and you have a limited number of self-revivals (?) or another player can revive you. If you go solo and can't revive, you have the option to extract, which respawns you at the entrance to the area and you lose some resources/cash.

Shooting itself is pretty standard. There are futuristic rifles, shotguns etc. some alien weapons. They're upgradeable and moddable, but I couldn't do it yet.

The quests are also nothing special. Defend, eradicate, fetch, take over.

The plot seems ok (I won't go into any kind of details). In one quest I managed to meet the protagonists of the show, Grant and Irisa.


Overall, I don't think it's a good game at this stage (and it's coming out soon, from what I understand). It lacks polish, seems boring and there are still some bugs (driving, enemy AI, enemies shooting through walls, spawning right on top of you).

If anyone want's to ask any specific question, don't hesitate.

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