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I Guess It's Sharknado 5 Day? Are You Going To Watch? Do You Even Care? What The Hell, Let's Have An Open Thread Too.

Sure it’s going to be horrible, that’s the point. Just remember this maybe your only chance to see Al Roker kill a shark with a baseball bat. The only way you’re going to see a bigger disaster is if you watch the Cleveland Browns play, (okay maybe the Chicago Bears too). I suppose you could watch Game of Thrones or have some form of entertainment that doesn’t involve starring at a screen, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s been a odd weekend at times for me. Yesterday some random drunk dude came up to me wanting to use my phone to get a ride home, I dialed the number, but he was 3 am drunk at 3 pm so he gave me a wrong number. He then offered me 5 dollars to give him a ride home, I declined. We settled on him using my charger to give his phone enough of a charge to call somebody to give him a ride home. Fortunately I have a fast charger (and working outside power outlets) so it only took about 5 minutes of hanging out on my porch to get his phone working and maybe another 20 to get somebody here to pick him up. Unfortunately that was enough time for him to tell me why he left his friends place (they were going to some drug he didn’t want to), that he only did pot and mushrooms, and that he couldn’t convince his friends to settle on cocaine (I don’t think I want to know what they were doing if cocaine was the middle ground). I walked him to his friends car and wished him good luck. I’m now considering my options on moving since it sounds like my neighborhood could be used in a Breaking Bad sequel.


So how has the weekend treated the folks here on O-Deck? Got any good stories? Planning on watching the next installment of Sharknado? Can’t believe they still make these movies? Can’t believe people watch these movies? Got something else to talk about? It’s the Open Thread!

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