Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I had a run in with modern technology today


Local energy provider just switched to one of those voice recognition bots. Ugh. The reason I was calling? Because their online account wasn't showing my correct balance. So, when I finally got to an operator (and someone PLEASE give a good reason they ask you to say/type in your account # before you get to talk to someone they always ask again) it was like "we have your correct balance" and that the only way to contact IT was through their online suggestion form. A form that obviously didn't work when I tried attaching a screenshot of my issue. So I eventually sent the complaint without the attachment and an additional complaint. Don't even get me started on their general online UI. It's almost Kinja levels of confusing.


And the bank's online banking was acting up.

I'm just going to go and find a desk to pay my bill tomorrow.

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