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I had hoped there would be more of Gwendoline Christie in Hunger Games than we see in the trailer....

Spoiler - there...really isn’t. I hope there’s more of her in Star Wars with or without helmet or that part of the cinematic year could be a bit disappointing. I guess the simple fact that they felt the need to put her in the trailer in the first place despite her teensy tiny role is a good sign. Spoilers for Mockingjay ahead...

Who, on the other hand wasn’t in the trailer at all, despite her much bigger role, was Ensign Ro Admiral Cain Lieutenant Jackson - aka Michelle Forbes. (She’s gone through all ranks, by now... :)


That was a pleasant surprise. Even though having read the book, being a part of Katniss’ infiltration unit of course.... not good for your plans for the future. Of being Katniss’ sister... :(

And to nobody’s surprise, Julianne More makes and excellent bitch when the Coin gets tossed... .;)


And Phillip Seymor Hoffman was there. I hate it when such things spoil a movie. Be it just a little bit... Even though I don’t really buy it that his last appearance was not a digital double....


All in all - a very worthy end to the series. Despite having - a lot of endings itself. Return of the king really shouldn’t be the film you’re looking up to when it comes to when to fade to credits... :D

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