Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I Hate You All.

You made me —MADE me—watch QI.

And I watched them all and there aren't anymore and I have nothing to watch and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!


Seriously, though... After mainlining 11 seasons of the show in about 2 weeks, I'm finding a huge hole in my evenings. Most of the shows I watch are between seasons. Some have ended. Others have devolved to the point that I have little or no desire to watch them.


QI is smart, funny, and unpredictable. It's a joy to watch. Not only am I entertained, I learn a metric fuck-tonne of useless knowledge. And, as anyone who has met me since kindergarten knows, I love useless knowledge. I honestly think my dream job would be being a full-time participant on QI.

There's also a bittersweet quality to it. From the get-go, I was laughing my ass off at the banter and jokes and playful teasing. The unintended double-entendre—where Stephen Fry gets caught saying the wrong thing, and laughs at his own embarrassment—get me laughing so hard I'm sure I'm waking up the neighbors.

And then... somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd season it hit me like a brick wall: You couldn't show this in the US. Everyone would be so offended. Whatever network had it would impose strict guidelines on what is and is not "appropriate", and would censor anything that might cause a person or two somewhere to take offense.

That really makes me sad.

So... I anxiously await the new season and the bawdy, intelligent fun it will bring.

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