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I have a problem with the new Terminator film already

Spoilers if you haven't watched the newly released trailer?

So, it's happened. Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as T-800. He's not just any T-800. He's the T-800 who was sent back in time to protect and train Sarah Connor.


And there in lies the problem.

The original movies and Sarah Connor were great because the events of the movies turned an unremarkable woman into a badass freedom fighter, whom John Connor, the messianic figure in the series, takes after. But then someone retcons it and says that a T-800 was responsible for toughening up Sarah Connor? It wasn't her resolve to provide a safe future for her child and humanity that gave her the motivation, but instead she was trained by a robot to save humanity since she was a little girl? That completely undoes one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history. One can argue that Kyle Reese inspired her initially, but he dies before the first movie ends, so Sarah Connor had to train herself to be the warrior that the mankind needed, despite all the injuries and insults that came at her. I believe that the character's extraordinary self-determination was what made her compelling, and I feel like the new version of the character is a shallow copy of the character we loved.

I realize that the series, which includes movies and TV shows, abused time travel as means of extracting new plot points for the franchise, but I feel like they've really gone too far this time. Again.

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