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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I Have a Story Published! And Also Other Stuff So This Post Isn't All About Me!

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Sorry for both posting again in such a short time and also for using that very flattering picture of Rachel Bloom, but 1) I wanted to tell people I have a story published and 2) c’mon, that’s an awesome picture.


I submitted my story to Daily Science Fiction back in August of 2015 and it was accepted in October (I keep track through Submission Grinder, which is an awesome website), which just shows you how long it actually took from the moment it was accepted until it was actually published. But seeing it published is super freaking awesome, because it’s my first professionally paid story.

And just so this post will be about other things, here is some more news that came out today:

  • Tessa Thompson is cast in Thor: Ragnarok. She will apparently play a “kind of superhero” and also Thor’s love interest? I don’t know what’s happening with Jane Foster, perhaps they couldn’t get back Natalie Portman, but I wonder who Tessa is playing? Perhaps Valkyrie — an unusual choice, but I could see it.
  • David Wenham is cast in Iron Fist as Harold Meachum. I still remember him as Faramir from Lord of the Rings, so that’s awesome. Although he looks a lot more like Iron Fist than Finn Jones does.
  • Inhumans is being pushed back to avoid conflicts with the fifth Indiana Jones. You know what? I hope they get Kevin Tanchareon to direct Inhumans, which would be awesome, since he could definitely connect it to Agents of SHIELD. However, by the time the movie finally comes out, the show might be over, so it might not matter.
  • Charlie Cox says that The Defenders will be filming by the end of this year. That’s still a while away, but does this mean that Netflix knows who the showrunner is going to be? And I thought Jessica Jones Season 2 was going to come out first before The Defenders? Will they be filming Jessica Jones S2 and Defenders S1 back to back? Will that image of Daredevil’s bleeding mouth never not freak me out?

And that’s all, ladies and gentlemen and variations thereupon. And don’t forget to read my story!

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