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... Destroyer of Worlds! (Spoilers)

The dragon looks freaking amazing! I could have watched him and Watson for 3 hours.


Alas, it took it's sweet ass time to get there. As we all know by now. As cool as Sauron looked, he really distracted a little.

Stephen Fry shortened the time, he was pretty funny. As for the elves, though. Really? Elven-Dwarf love? You are going to go there in the last movie. Aren't ya? I would think that would be something Legloas mentioned once he got his best dwarf buddy.

"I liked a girl once. She was into short guys!"

"Yeah, I know. My Dad was there. Told me all about it!" ;)

Oh, and dipping a dragon in gold... that should have worked. seen it on Game of Thrones........


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