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Obviously, massive spoilers in this post from my first 9 hours or so of gameplay so please do not read this unless you are okay with spoilers.

I’ve been playing Fallout 4 all day since I got it and honestly, I am not enjoying it. I’m wanting to, but the game for me anyway is heavily flawed.


First of all, why is it only the male protagonist that speaks during the intro while the women only gets shown in a picture. Why? Why would Bethesda minimize her stakes in the story right off the bat like that instead of equally giving them backstory and development?

As is, we know nothing about the woman playable character while the man gets tones of development. It honestly feels like an attempt by Bethesda to remind women and people who play women characters that you don’t matter, that you’re not the “real” main character.

Secondly, the story is way too confined and restrictive for me. The game keeps insisting that I should care about my now dead husband and kidnapped son. But I don’t, I didn’t want them and honestly, the husband was boring as hell. Made worse by the game forcing you to be in a loving relationship with him and crapping over anyone who wanted to play this game with only same-sex relationships. Why no option to tell him to s*** off when he asks you to go to the park with him? Why can’t I make it obvious that this just a marriage of convenience because I would never marry this guy?

And this doesn’t end with the prologue. Every 4th or so NPC insists I look for my son because it’s my “destiny”. It’s annoying as hell and I just want to shout no at them or tell them I don’t care and want to do my own thing.


What’s weird is that I’ve never had this problem with any other recent Bethesda game like Skyrim or even Fallout 3. Fallout 3, you can follow your father if you want, or you can spend 20+ hours doing anything else. Hell even if you were going after your father, you were given options to show that your character didn’t really care about him and just wanted answers.

And this goes straight into another big problem I have, the dialogue. I’ve found it hard sometimes to know what my character is going to say because the speech descriptions are so vague. One especially annoying dialogue option is “sarcastic”. Unlike other games like Dragon Age II where the game gives you a pretty good gist of what it is you’re about to say. Here, all you get is the word sarcastic and it’s a 50/50 chance of you getting quip you wanted or at least makes sense. It breaks the immersion of the game constantly and I can never feel that I’m playing my character and instead just being forced down a path I didn’t want.


Lastly, the glitches are hurting the game for me. I’ve had one crash so far and my auto & quick saves don’t work. Oh, they appear to work as they show up in the load menu. But if you select them, they don’t go to the right save and instead just goes to the most recent auto/quick save.

Overall, I’m really disappointed with the game so far. I never feel like I’m in control or I can do anything I want like I did with New Vegas or Skyrim and I keep getting reminded that the character I chose is considered the inferior choice by Bethesda.


If any modders are reading this can I make a few requests?

  1. Make a new second intro for the main women character.
  2. Make the dialogue options more descriptive.
  3. Make more dialogue options for people who don’t care about the baby.

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