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I have seen the future and it is GLORIOUS! PS4 Reviewed

So didn't have a ton of time to play last night but we did have a party and play. Did 3 hours of Assassins Creed 4 black flag and about 2-3 hours of Battlefield 4. The graphics on this thing are super impressive.​ Battlefield 4 really was the gem of the two, the graphics where just so amazing and intense you can tell they built this game for a high end pc and then lowered it for every thing else. Unlike Assassins Creed where it looks just the opposite. It looks like they made it for the xbox 360 then just uprezed and polished the hell out of everything to make it look better on the ps4. Not to say it's not great are phenomenal just that it just doesn't have that same knock you on your ass wow factor as Battlefield. The new controller is awesome and has so many cool functions like the touch pad which was a lot of fun to use. Even thought on the launch games you can't do a ton with it I can see what they could do in the future which will be cool. It was super easy to set up. I was ready to play in 20 minutes and that includes taking it out of the box setting it up and patching it. Also it takes less than 2 minutes to download a game and play it which is awesome. Just so so impressed. If there is anything you want to know are questions you have for me feel free to ask!


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