Until yesterday morning, I had never seen an episode of Supernatural. I knew about the show, I post the GIFs that amuse me and I had an idea of what the show was about.

Somehow though I had just never been able to watch an entire episode. Not even the ones with Felicia Day.

That was rectified after I got bored in the morning with the choices on Netflix and after closing the app and then opening it again an hour later it was the first recommendation for me based on my viewing preferences. I thought to myself, "I still have somehow just never seen this show. Fuck it, I'll watch it." I'm only a handful of episodes into the first season, since I had things to do yesterday afternoon/evening and I woke up late as hell today, but I am digging it.

I know, I'm a bad geek. Bad bangishotyou! [swats self on nose with rolled up newspaper] Bad!

I have of course rectified my mistake by recommending the show to all my non-geeky friends who would genuinely enjoy it. I have used GIFs to emphasize my point.