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I haz a sad...

So I just finished a straight run of the entire The Middle Man TV series...

AND I WANT MORE! MORE MORE MORE! Sigh... ain't that always the way?

For those who haven't seen it, it's a great fun-filled whacky reference-laden nerdfest. If you like shows like Warehouse 13 and Being Human (US) you'll dig this 2008 ABC-TV series' 12 episode run. Snappy dialogue (sometimes tongue-twisting, yet always brilliantly delivered by the cast) Good looking people (which is pointed out numerous times), fun plot bits, and great blatant parody moments made this show a hoot.


Not to spoil anything, but I followed the 12 episode viewing with a re-watch of the 2009 ComicCon table read of what would/could/should have been the ultimate finale (no way a TV show budget could have handled it, but still...) and I will merely make these comments:

* Nobody but Matt Keeslar could have played the Middle Man. Nobody.

* Natalie Morales is the kind of actress that they try to make sexy, but in the end you just want her to be your best friend (at least in this character on this show). Even when they put her in sexy outfits (especially the Kevin Sorbo episode... yeah, he guest stars brilliantly!) I still didn't go ga-ga over her in 'that way'. LOL

(OK, this photo from a Maxim photo shoot could change my mind... WOW! http://www.imdb.com/media/rm309760… )


* everything is better with Mark Sheppard!

* Mary Pat Gleason was a hoot as Ida, and an obvious fan fave, judging by audience reaction at the table read.


I am soooooooooooooo going to find this and buy it this week!

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