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I Just Caught Up to Person of Interest (Spoilers)

I have been putting off watching PoI f0r awhile but I finally got convinced to start it and I just finished watching all 3 seasons. Spoilers below.

This show has been amazing! I love all the characters! John with his snarky badassness and caring for people! I am glad he is back in the game. Finch with his adorkableness! Lionel surprisingly grew on me quickly! Shaw is pretty much the best. Even Root is pretty great now. I did not expect to ship her with anyone ever but here we are. Apparently Shoot or Raw is a thing.


And I support it.

Even the more secondary characters are great. It is always great to see Zoe and I can't wait till the next time we see Leon. And Bear is the greatest actor on the show.


And of course there was Carter. Poor amazing Carter! I saw a brief snippet of commercial on Saturday showing John craddling her and those episodes with HR I was on edge like I don't think I have ever been watching television. I can't believe she is gone.


Anyways! Gif party?

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