Frank Winter is a physicist, a husband, a father, and a fanatic. On Manhattan, his fanatical obsession with producing a working bomb as soon as possible overshadows everything else in his life. Despite the show's efforts (particularly the last episode) I can't bring myself to care about him.

In "Last Reasoning of Kings" we see why Winter is so obsessed about building the bomb as as soon as possible. While he was out in no man's land gathering documents from enemy corpses the rest of his unit was hit with gas and killed. So Winter is carrying a lot of survivor guilt. But that doesn't excuse his poor decision making.

The aftermath of rushing the explosive test - the dead jeep and the broken camera - shows why it was a bad idea.

While Winter is right to deride the leader of the Thin Man group* for his 9 to 5 work hours, Winter has gone too far the other way. Building the bomb is a marathon, not a sprint. Burning out before reaching the end is a real possibility.

I don't see why Paul Crosley, the British member of Winter's group, chooses to stay after being ready to bail out of the group and join the Thin Man group. I can't really buy that he had a conversion in the desert that made him Team Winter.


Meanwhile, Niels Bohr visits Los Alamos** and treated like a rock star. Charlie Isaacs is tasked by Oppenheimer to escort Bohrs around but when Bohrs goes off the planned itinerary Isaacs is blamed and may pay a professional price. Bohr's other contribution to the episode was to encourage Winter's wife Liza to do more than be a housewife.


Liza Winter is one of the interesting characters on the show and I want to see what happens to her. There is a moving scene in the episode where Liza describes her life at Los Alamos. Her frustration and anger at putting her career on hold for her husband are clear in voice and face as well as her words. She concludes, "I wake up in the morning and I barely recognize the woman I see looking back at me in the mirror." This character I'm interested in and care about.

*The Thin Man Group is currently doing two Vegas shows nightly, three on weekends.

**As shown in the episode, he did not stay at Los Alamos but visited over the years. He is reported to have said "They didn't need my help in making the atom bomb."