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I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself...

I am about to be unemployed for the summer (Saturday—Yayyy!) and plan to finally dive in to Breaking Bad. I've heard it shuts down your life, and as I'm a hyper-focused binge-viewer, I figure the first week of unemployment should be perfect. I'll make some sandwiches, stick 'em in the fridge, and I'll be set. I finished last weekend's binge-viewing, and I'm all ready to catch up on the new stuff on tv this week, and now....it's an off week. I fricking hate April tv.

It's so hit-or-miss. I need to find something to entertain my evenings. I was thinking about re-watching season 1 of the Tudors because yummy! but I'm not crazy about that idea. I feel like I've been doing too much re-watching. I need to find something that fits into this week, primarily watched in the evenings before Saturday. Should I just be catching up on movies I'm not that into? I need some suggestions. I have tons planned for my unemployment hiatus, but I just need to get there. Because not being entertained makes time creep by like there's no tomorrow because it will always be today. Help me!


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