Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I just got the best news ever!

If anyone is actually interested in the story I'll edit this post and share it. Otherwise, I'm going to be busy folks. Cause this news is so freaking terrific I'm just gonna spend the rest of the day with my headphones on and dancing around the goddamn office like a madman! Or like Karen O!

So consider that my gift to you all today. "Zero" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If you can watch that video and listen to that song without wanting to dance you're likely a pod person.


So get your leather on!


Edit: Since Irae asked, here's the news. My boss officially called me into his office and had me close the door to ask me to prep a laptop. He then straight out told me his aunt/the office manager is no longer going to be working in this office and will no longer have a reason for being here. She will be "working" from home, effective once I get the laptop ready.

This is good news because yesterday I sent a lengthy email to him on behalf of myself and my coworkers explaining the office situation when he isn't here. Basically his aunt is still on a power trip and thinks she's the boss when he isn't here, she was officially replaced months ago but refuses to recognize said fact. She also has a habit of going through our desk (and personal stuff) when we aren't around (and even when we are, as I caught her doing so to my stuff about a week ago). She even goes through our trash. Think about that. She then makes demands for passwords (for email accounts that are my boss's and his dad's, non work accounts at that) and access to computers and files she has been told flat out she has no reason to access. She lost access to the petty cash and various company credit/debit/gas cards because she was suspected of stealing and misusing all of them. No proof of it, but there were far too many suspicious charges and "there's no money in the petty cash box" situations. Unfortunately, cause she's family, my boss and his dad can't bring themselves to fire her. So they've just minimized her role in the office, which has had the negative effect of giving her nothing to do but harass the rest of the staff (myself included).


Friday I setup a privacy filter on the computer of the girl who does Accounts Payable stuff. Office manager walked in and demanded to know what I was doing. I just put on my headphones and ignored her. After I left the office for the day (early, since I took a short lunch that day), she went through my trash to find the stuff that the filter came in. She then underlined "security" and "privacy" and had the nerve to put it on that girl's chair before any of us came in Monday morning. Accounts Payable told me and that's when I snapped and wrote my boss the email. I told him no one wanted to say anything cause it's his aunt and she genuinely makes our lives hell when he isn't around, but that enough was enough. He texted me within minutes saying, "I will address this." That was yesterday, today she's for all intents and purposes gone (once I finish with the laptop).


Edit 2: Here's "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a fitting title given the news of the day regarding a certain someone.

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