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Star Trek Online gets its first expansion, Legacy of Romulus!

Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studio's (actually pretty neat) Free to Play Trek MMO, has revealed it's first expansion - The Romulans are joining the fray, and they're probably a bit miffed about their homeworld being destroyed by a certain Vulcan a few years back...

Legacy of Romulus brings a third faction to STO's playerbase, the Romulan Republic - the tattered remains of the Romulan Empire after Romulus and Remus were destroyed in the events leading up to JJ Abram's Star Trek reboot in 2009 - not just bringing playable Romulans and new storylines with them, but also the Warbird-class of starships, letting players fly the Romulan's iconic starship for the first time.


The expansion will also feature new storylines involving the now-Empress Sela, the former Romulan Commander played by Denise Crosby in Star Trek: The Next Generation (with Crosby herself returning to voice the role), as well as a chance to earn reputation and rewards with the Tholians, as well as storylines combating a new threat from the Beta Quadrant.

Legacy of Romulus will be available for free to all STO players on May 21st. Any lapsed STO players here interested in returning to see what the Raptor's Wings have to offer?

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