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I just know that I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but

Batman # 28 has roped me in to this whole mess again. Spoilers, I guess.

I guess this is supposed to be teasing what comes up in Batman Eternal, something I've been cautiously interested in. And it does its job. I'm actually interested in a DC book for the first time in a year. It teases more then enough to make me WANT to read more and find out what is going on.


For instance, the fact that instead of Harper becoming Nightwing, she has her own moniker as "Bluebird". She still seems to be focused on breaking the bat-family's number one rule, though, favoring two huge, one-handing shock guns as her main weapons.

This still leaves Dick Grayson's fate after the events of Forever Evil up in the air. With them cancelling his book, though, my money is still on him becoming worm food.

Because Batman can't ever be happy and must be as miserable as possible at all times because that's what DC KNOWS readers want.


Also this new person in the Batcave, who I guess they are going to make the next Oracle or something. The person is kept in shadow, so yeah, interested in who that is. Have they done anything with Carrie Kelly since introducing her? I guess it could be her. Or maybe Harper's brother.


And of course, the return of one of my favorite characters, Stephanie Brown. Based on the dialogue, though, I'm guessing this one has no connection to the Bat-family yet. She still goes by the Spoiler name, but is it just me or does her costume look more like her Batgirl costume, just minus the bat symbols and more purple?

Any way, the fact that she is apparently at the center of whatever horrible thing is gonna hit Gotham is the main reason why I want to give at least the Batman books one more chance. She's important. She has a chance to shine.


But I freaking SWEAR if they do something stupid with her I am just done.

Also interesting is the complete lack of the usual members of Batman's family. It's entirely possible that Dick and Tim (if they're still alive by the point this comic takes place) are somewhere else doing mildly superhero-y things, but the lack of Alfred worries me.


I smell more death in Batman's more immediate future.

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