Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I just lost my first Doctor and I don't know what to do? (Possible spoilers)

So my first Doctor story is a little weird. When the revival of new Dr. Who started on syfy here in the us I was totally new to who. I had maybe seen an episode are two when I was younger randomly on pbs but they aired so irregular I couldn't really get into them and being young I just probably didn't have the patience. So now me and in my young 20's find's Dr. Who and I do enjoy it, not love it enjoy it and watch maybe the first 4 episodes of series one of new who. Well long story longer Syfy drops Dr. Who and it goes to bbc America. We didn't have bbc America so who and my life goes on. Come 2012 I get bbc America in the new cable package at the new house I just bought and enjoy it, not love it mind you enjoy it. I am 30 and we are on the third season with Matt Smith, so start of last season and I enjoy it and find out thought friends all of the old episodes are on netflix instant q. So during my lunches at work I proceed to watch new Dr. Who from the begging while I eat my salad. Every day I love it more and more and then I meet David Tenant. They say you always remember your first Doctor, Well technically speaking he was my third but to me he will always be my first because he is the man who made me fall in love with Dr. Who. Then today happens. I just lost my favorite Doctor my first Doctor It was lunch as usual and the way this two parterre was going I kinda had a feeling that it was coming. I was o.k. up until the farewell tour. That just wrecked my shop. I have to say I was very proud of myself that I held it together at work, thank god I hadn't been watching it at home alone. Man just every last good bye, every last reveal. Up until the final turn into Matt Smith. Man it really got me. It's like loosing touch with a good friend are when someone in your group of friends tells you they are getting married or are going to have a kid. You know that things are gonna change whether you like them are not and that relationship will never be the same again. That relationship will always be there but it's always will be different and never be like it was before again. It's just a crushing blow but I guess that is love and maybe sometimes friendship. So how did you handle losing your first Doctor ? Also when David Tenant turned into Matt Smith the ship started crashing and catching on fire? Does that happen every time they regenerate are just that one time?


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