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I just saw a great movie movie called HEIMDAL...

It stars Idris Elba as a badass armored dude who does something I never saw in a movie before (minor spoiler: homeboy shanks like a boss; way better than Iron Man did to the space-snake in Avengers). The HEIMDAL movie was way too short because of the oily blondguy and Natalie Portman going "Eeehnyang nyang nyang" for 2 hours.

Idris Elba was of course in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, so it's not a total loss that he isn't playing Black Panther in the Marvel Universe [sarcasm, I am in you]. And there's two post-credit scenes. One is where this movie turns into an episode of LEX featuring Hunter Thompson's Lawyer from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". You just read that.


Enjoy Heimdal: Spirit of Guardians of the Galaxy, at theaters and drive-ins near you.

[*apologies to Rob Bricken or someone because I think I cribbed their jokes, I don't know, I at least cribbed the sarcasm... artwork by me, your pal gods-n-clods... 12" x 18" markers and crayon on watercolor paper for those of you keeping score at home. Drop me a line on the facebookers or the tweeter, even on the G+! Don't be shy, I have Niner pals in other social networks.]

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