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I just saw After Earth.

And...it's not very good with some rage-inducing moments. Mild spoilers ahead(nothing you can't get from the trailers.) However, I will spoil freely in the comments if asked. You're warned.

- The background are gorgeous but the creature CGI is only passable.

- Who thought it was a good idea to take Will Smith, one of the most charismatic guy in Hollywood, and write him as an emotionless wreck stuck in an chair for 95% of the movie? Who?


- Jaden Smith does not have even half the charisma of his father. His character is not very bright and llalways look on the verge of tears.

- It's a very flat movie. It get exciting for one scene in the middle, but otherwise it just trudges along until it ends. It's not boring per se, but it's not exciting either

- The writers of this thing should go back to high school because they learned nothing from their biology class. Especially when it comes to cold animals. I'm okay with movies, especially sf and fantasy, taking liberties with sciences, but their is a limit to what I can take. The science in this movie is Emmerich levels of stupid and intelligence.

So, if you can turn your brain to goo for an hour and half, it has nice acenery, some interesting premises that aren't exploited enough, and the score's good. Otherwise, it's not The Last Airbender awful, bit it is really stupid.


Tommorow I'm going to see Now you see me. Let's hope it's worth the popcorn's price this time (I do not pay my tickets)

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