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I just watched 3 Spiderman movies.

All of which could have been good by themselves. Unfortunately they showed them all at once. Spoilers. And I mean Spoilers. (EDIT - I just saw it's not released in the US before May...... I - honestly begin to feel a bit guilty.)

Andrew Garfield is an amazing Spiderman. Pun intended. I didn't like him too much in the first one, but that was mainly because I hated to see the origin story again. Now that that is out of the way. Really Good. Funny. Nice quips. Good chemistry with Emma Stone.. He would be really, really good. In ONE movie. Seriously.


The Rise of Electro could have filled a movie. Preferably one in which Foxx doesn't play the biggest Nerd stereotype ever before going electric. Really?Really??? That would have been silly in the 80s. Dorky geek on the one side and cool science Nerd Peter on the other, really felt awkward. The action scenes were awesome, though. Really great. Terrific 3D, as well.

And then came Harry. Osborne, Again, as Green Goblin Good enough for two movies in the first Trilogy. Gets one scene.

And Gwen Stacey. I mean. Gwen Stacey. I warned you about spoilers, didn't I?


She's dead. That alone. Gwen Stacey dying, mostly true to the comics and Peter trying to cope with that could have - should have - had to have been its own movie.

It got 10 minutes. 10 minutes. The death scene was amazing, as all action scenes, the timing of the aftermath was pathetic.


And Rhino. Remember Rhino? He was in all the trailers. MAJOR villain right? Nope.


One scene without the suit, one scene within the suit. And the credits. Begin. Before the fight starts. We do not see Spiderman fight Rhino in this.

In the meantime we find out Peters Dad owned a Subway Station... And turned it into a super secret lab. I...


Don't ask me, we didn't have enough time to elaborate on any of that.

I see what you did there, Sony. Trying to build a Universe like the Avengers. But they had at least three movies to establish each character, taking their damn time. You don't just pile in all the characters you have into one movie and then hope to make Sinister Six a success. It doesn't work that way.


And also - The Stan Lee cameo is something people are waiting for. It's a highlight of the movie. Don't waste him in minute 10.

All in all - Very good Action - Amazing action and 3D. A funny Spiderman. Really funny. Potentially good, if terribly shallow villains, due to a lack of time for any of them.


So much potential for so many movies. But way too much potential for just one.

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