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I’m also reading a lot of Philip K. Dick latley. The world is falling apart and all there is left is robots. Which may even be for the better... (NSFW for realistic looking puppet nudity. Also - Puppet Sex Automaton nudity.)

Seriously, Anomalisa is probably the most Philip K. Dick movie ever. And it’s not even based on his books! Don’t get me wrong, I love some Dick adaptations; some I like and some are - appropriately too weird to have an opinion about them. But few, if any of them, ever came so close to the feeling of - discontinuity with reality, caused by mental illness or just plain existential crisis you get from a Dick book like Anomalisa.


If Charlie Kaufman isn’t Philip K. Dick reborn, they sure inhabit the exact same weird place slightly next to reality as most of us perceive it.... Including the fact that the robots in and among us may be slightly more real than we are... Talking about Dick...

Sorry... I couldn’t help it....

Also - Best puppet sex scene ever. (Step aside, Team America, you’re defeated by kindness and realism..)


And here’s your promised antique Japanese Sex Automaton....

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