Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

But man, Final Fantasy XV is actually looking really good to me. Like, "compelling reason to bite the bullet and buy a new console" good. Which, I mean, since it's been in development for like a decade, it really ought to, but still.

The thing that's always kept me away from the Final Fantasy games (I've played, and love, VI, and I'm currently playing VII, but otherwise I've missed them) is the combat, because I just don't like that combat style, but this new action-y style they seem to be adopting instead of random encounters and pseudo-turn-based combat, this could be interesting.


It's kind of reminding me of the way the Kingdom Hearts games played, way back when they made Kingdom Hearts games (UNNNGGG KH3 needs to hurry up and get here), albeit more fleshed out. The bit where he's fighting those demon dog things, specifically, reminds me of the behemoth fights in Kingdom Hearts 1 (mostly from a design standpoint).

I find the world they're setting up for it much more immediately interesting and compelling than something like FFXIII and its sequels, which (as someone who hasn't played them) look like utterly generic JRPG's to me.

Plus, it's really really pretty. With all the controversy over games like Watchdogs and Dark Souls 2 lately looking worse on release than they did in trailers, it could very well still take a turn for the ugly, but if it actually releases looking like that, those trailers are some of the first things (along with InFamous Second Son) which actually scream "next-gen" to me.

Yeah. I get that it's like the Duke Nukem Forever of JRPGs at this point, but I'm actually interesting in seeing more about FFXV. Looks cool.

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