In a thread which starts here (you'll have to hit "All replies" to see the whole thing, if you're curious), RadioSilence proposed a simple experiment to test a theory that "following" Observation Deck automatically blew up your following/followers lists to Silmarillion-appendices lengths. That doesn't appear to be the case, but it put me in Velma Dinkley mode (so what if I'm a 50-ish hetero male, just go with it). Also, I was really bored.


After our little experiment, I still couldn't find Silence's name in either of my lists. So I actually scrolled through both my lists click-by-click to see if I'd somehow missed it. I noticed other names were missing, too, and they all had something in common: they had all recently added Unicode characters to their display names. Hmmm...

So I decided to do an experiment of my own (again: really bored). I unfollowed RadioSilence, inserted a Unicode character into my display name, then re-followed RS, who reported that I had now vanished! At the same time, RS changed back to RadioSilence (no smiley-face "O").

Sure enough, when I checked my followers list "RadioSilence" had appeared at the bottom! (I'm pretty certain now it's in chronological order, from oldest to newest.) So I changed mine back, too.

And RS reported I was still MIA! AUUGHH, why you do dis to me, Kinja??

Which doesn't change the fact that I found out something totally useless, since Unicode characters apparently don't make a damn bit of difference anywhere else but in those lists. So, yayyy?


,,,AAHHH, my glasses, I dropped my glasses! Play me out, Elvis!!

(hat tip to RadioSilence for setting off my OCD!)