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I love that Rana McAnear has really leaned into this whole 'Face of Samara' thing

Because by the Goddess, she is exquisite! And now comes complete with her own Disciple to carry. She's turning up everywhere as Samara, and it's lovely. It's rare to see someone be so committed to a character like that.

There's a lot to love in Norman Chan's awesome Wondercon cosplay gallery over at Tested - over 500 pictures of nerdy awesomeness! Here's a few of my favourites, but you can check out the whole gallery here!


First, a simply fantastic Elizabeth - the detailing is beautiful, right down to her brooch. And damn, that Skyhook (I believe it's the replica they're selling) is gorgeous!

The Three Doctors! Much love for Eleven's excellent new outfit, but damn, Mr. Baker on the left there has got the original's 'death stare of awesomeness' down to a tee.


The Mother of Dragons wants you to take a look at her Easter Egg. It's probably not got chocolate in it though...


Much love for this rather Ninja-y ODST.


And finally, the Joker, Ada Wong, and Booker DeWitt swanning off in the background. Now that's a trio.

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