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I love the 2 sentence Horror story meme.

I love this new 2 sentence Horror Story meme. It is a great mental exercise that you don't need a pen and a paper to do. Here's a few I imagined last night driving from Cincinnati to Orlando.

I staked a vampire, a real live vampire. I thought it would be impossible to convince the judge I wasn't insane, but then he smiled at me and I saw his fangs.

"AM GOING TO KILL YOU" were the last five words my random opponent had played. This didn't really rattle me until I looked down at my own row of unplayed tiles and saw "UWILDIE."


When the speeding black car cut me off, my first instinct was to speed up and give the driver the finger. I didn't realize it was a hearse, or expect to see myself riding in the passenger seat.

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