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I loved Orange is the New Black so. damned. much.

I've been wanting to at least recommend it to you all for a while, then Patricia made a whole article about it at Kotaku, so I thought if she can write it, I can share it here. It's Friday, we can drift a little off topic. I like to stay on message, but this is great entertainment, and I figure that's close enough.

I won't go on too much about it here, there's the whole article I shared and, and an older one at Jezebel. The show isn't what it looks like- it is awesome. Not a soap opera, not a comedy like the ridiculous header images that look like they were ripped from a cheesy laughtrack sitcom.


One of my favorite things about it is that the show and the characters grow over time. just as the "main" character learns and adapts to her life in prison, the audience gains a wider understanding right along with her. The acting is fantastic, and just about every character you thought was some kind of cliche in the beginning becomes a real person over time.

Anyway, I am really happy I started up my Netflix again. The show is already greenlit for a second season- it was before the first started, and I can't wait.

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