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The Open Thread - Pain Is Beauty Edition

I’m doing something a little different with the Open Thread. Just putting it out there for you to check out Chelsea Wolfe’s album. The music itself is a little hard to describe in that there’s a mix of genres in each song. Only don’t call this goth because I’ll sue you for slander. If her music needs a label, alternative rock is most appropriate I guess. With a few upbeat numbers like The Warden and Destruction Makes the World Burn Brighter, most songs have a kind of chugging machinery drum rhythm applied to simple, yet moving guitars riffs.

On creating a song:

“I like repetition cause it kind of like gets me into this trance state, that way I kind of like meditate on it.” C. Wolfe


12 tracks and each one is worthwhile listening. Feral Love, House of Metal, The Waves Have Come and much, much more. Among all the hits We Hit a Wall is a great tune. Anyway, I won’t get too deep but if you’re looking for new music, be a better friend to yourself and check out Pain is Beauty.

And she is kind one the eyes. Hetero guy here, what can I say...

It’s the Open Thread folks! Talk about games, movies, comics or whatever your hear desires. An have a great weekend.

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