Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

You know how executives in movies always make the same mistakes over and over? Well, inspired by the Evil Overlord List, I have started to compile a manual for those people so they stop doing common mistakes! It is a work in progress, as it only contains 11 articles right now, so I need your help! Shoot all of your ideas (I'll note down your names to include them if I ever release it on the web, don't worry!)

So, here we go:

Fictional Executive Manual

This document, which will from that point on be referenced as the Manual, is a code of conduct for CEOs of huge conglomerates in fictional works or anyone in a similar position. Failure to follow any of the articles below will results in one or more of the following:

  • A.Loss of lives
  • B.High number of lawsuits
  • C.Loss of CEO position
  • D.Bankruptcy

1 Safety and testing protocols will under no circumstances be skipped or otherwise rushed, no matter the cost and time involved.

2 All laboratories will be monitored 24/7 to ensure no employees test any experimental formulas on themselves.

2.1 Likewise,all employees will be thoroughly searched each time they exit a laboratory to ensure no employees bring any experimental formulas home to use them, voluntarily or not, on themselves or their relatives.

3 Military hardware shall not be used in any non-military product, especially toys.

4 Genetic engineering of chimps, mice, sharks, gremlins, dinosaurs or any other animal is strictly forbidden.

5 Employees shall not be permitted to participate in any research project aimed at finding a cure for something they or their relatives are suffering from.

5.1 If it is necessary to employ such a person, he or she shall be constantly monitored in and out of office.

6. To ensure minimal risks of backstabbing, industrial espionage or sabotage, all employees will be treated nicely and paid decently.

7. If an employee or external expert expresses concern considering the risks posed by a protocol, a product, an installation, or anything else, this employee shall be listened to and the matter shall be investigated and fixed if need be, no matter the cost involved.

8. If an employee finds a flaw in the company's installations that would only cause problems in an unlikely sets of circumstance, this flaw shall be fixed immediately, no matter the cost involved.

9 No system crucial to any of the company's operations shall be fully automated.

9.1 All AIs used in the company's installations shall be strictly restrained in their capacity and constantly monitored by one or many human employees.

10 All generators shall be at least duplicated, and all shall be located in a secure but easy-to-access location.

11 All of the company's installations shall follow the regulations put in place by the OSHA or its local equivalent to the letter.


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