Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I made an error in my post critiquing PubPeer, because I thought the commenters were being deceitful, when in fact the opposite was the case. Yet all I received was a polite e-mail pointing out the error. It's almost like they believe litigating against critique is a bad thing ! Who would have thought?

For those of you who missed it, I wrote a massive post in which I dig deep into the case of Dr Fazlul Sarkar. Dr Sarkar is currently suing PubPeer on the basis that a number of comments posted on there ruined his reputation, and prevented him from getting a job at the University of Mississippi. The thing is, in order for the case to stick, these comments must have no factual basis, so I delved into PubPeer to examine them for myself, and present my own opinion. On every. single. one.

But for one of those comments, I didn't have all the information to hand. I've added my full correction to the end of the article, which I've linked to below.


TL:DR for the correction A Journal made an unannounced correction to an article, correcting the error the PubPeer comment drew attention to, making me believe that the comment had been made up by PubPeer.

Yes, in case you're wondering how I found so much time to do this, my social life is pristine, mint condition, still in the original box and never used.

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