Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I met three pretty cool dudes this weekend

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They were all so friendly! They were guests during the Stockholms International Comics festival. And I was just walking around outside the market when I saw Scott Allie standing along next to a table. So like a true fan I just froze and stood there looking at him for a short while. When he suddenly looked up and noticed me. The conversion went like this:

Scott: Hi!

(while jumping a step backwards) Me: AM I BOTHERING YOU!?!

Scott: Hah, no.

Me: Oh, can I get a signature?

Scott: Sure! What do you have for me to sign?

And they I took out the tiny hardcover of Umbrella Academy that come with a tiny figurine. He signed it, told me a little bit about that that version is the one he has given his kid and then I commenced to talk about the weather for 10 minutes. Until I literally said “Oh... Now I feel silly for having talking about the weather with you for 10 minutes.” And then we talked a little bit more about Dark Horse. I said that I’m looking forward to Zodiac Starforce, and he said they are working on a third Umbrella Academy and then we talked a little bit about cosplay. He was so nice!


Later I watched a interview with Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon. They talked about their work and all that amazing stuff. And they had a signing afterwards. I asked them what issue of Daytripper they would like to sign of the issues I had with me... And they signed all of them! o_o

A true highly of a weekend with a little bit much social input for me. :D

Oh, and I survived my first panel ever the day afterwards. Was super nervous and shaked internally during the entire panel, but people said they didn’t notice. The panel was about how it is with kid comic books in Sweden right now.



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