Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I *totally screwed up my registration to San Diego Comic Con...

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I have had a Pro registration for many years, renewing it off and on (now labeled under Creative Professional, as opposed to Trade Professional). I could have sworn I did the badge request on time [UPDATE: I registered incorrectly; my WonderCon registration was supposed to secure my badge to SDCC]. And I'm damn sure I registered for WonderCon (which does not have a Confirmation and Reciept email with a scannable barcode). I just sent off a helpdesk question.


Man, I would not be too happy with myself if I screwed this up. I always look forward to Nerd Camp. I do two weeks in San Diego with my brother and his wife. I gotta ton of artwork ready for portfolio reviews, even working on new stuff last minute. I even did print-on-demand with a 12 page preview of my web/comic. And now...

...we wait and see... if I did indeed screw up, or if there was something else on their end.


Are there any other Creative Professionals with badges around here? Did you receive a confirmation email? Or perhaps registration is akin to WonderCon this year, where you confirm on-site without an email?

Oh... trying not to sigh deeply... I've missed it before. But dang yo. I hate feeling like I stupided up the deal.


*edit FWIW: I think I figured out the deal.

a. I registered to go to WonderCon.

b. Registering at WonderCon secures a badge for SDCC2013.

c. I did not go to WonderCon.

Aw well, I can admit when I commit a Level 5 Failure. Worse things in life, right? C'est le guerre.


*and a further note: today I personally initiated the word sadbragging into my vocabulary. Such as: I probably won't be able to show off my 12-page preview of my newest comic project since I fubar'd my Comic Con registration.

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